MA1301 Number Theory - short info in English

Teacher: Peter Lindqvist
Assistant teacher: Nils Nornes

Wednesday, 10:15-12:00, VE1
Friday, 12.15-14.00, R2

Excercise sessions: (You are to choose one session to join every week)
Tuesday 10.15-12.00 MA22
Tuesday 12.15-14.00 R60
Wednesday 12.15-14.00 MA22
Thursday 10.15-12.00MA22

The problem sets are posted under "Øvinger" on the main page.
Exam: Will be held 3. December 2008. You can bring a calculator HP30S or CITIZEN SR-270X.
Midterm: Will be held 1. October, 10.15 in EL5.