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More House Sparrows in North America

The North American Breeding Bird Survey is conducted across North America to estimate the abundances of birds. Bird watchers go to sites across North America and count the number of birds they observe for a set time. This data can be used to ask a wide range of questions. Here we can look at the effects of climate on abundance of the house sparrow.

The data set consists of 1714 observations at different sites across North America. For each site the presence of the house sparrow was recorded. Mean temperature (temp.mean) and total precipitation (perc.mean) were extracted from a standard database (CRU). The mean temperaure and precipitation are both scaled, so that a temperature value of 0.3 would mean that the temperature is 0.3 standard deviations above the mean in North-America.

Data <- read.csv("")

plot(Data$Longitude, Data$Latitude, col=1+Data$Present, pch=18)
legend(-125, 31, c("Absent", "Present"), col=1:2, pch=18)