March 3–6, 2009

Some pictures from the meeting:

The annual informal workshop, Manifolds and Geometric Integration Colloquia (MaGIC) is organized by the Numerical Analysis groups in Bergen and Trondheim.

The workshop is intended mainly for researchers and research students in Geometric Integration, primarily from Trondheim and Bergen. The scope of the colloquia is to provide an informal atmosphere to exchange recent developments in the field of GI as well as time to establish collaborations. A restricted number of participants from abroad are usually invited to attend the meeting.

The colloquia will this year be held in Hornsjų, Lillehammer, Norway, the meeting starts Tuesday morning, March 3, and ends Friday at lunch, March 6. We expect that most people arrive at the hotel Monday March 2 in the evening. Departure Friday afternoon and later.


Updated 2009-03-09