This page presents the SYNODE project (SYmmetries in Numerical solution of Ordinary Differential Equations). The project's main objective is to establish international collaboration and promote international relationships through scientific activity.
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September 2003
New Publication. H. Berland and B. Owren: Algebraic Structures on Ordered Rooted Trees and Their Significance to Lie Group Integrators Preprint no 3, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
July 2003
SciCADE 2003, Trondheim, Norway. Jun 30 - July 4.
February 2003
MAGIC 2003, Rondablikk, 23-28. February
Sept 2002
Workshop in Sørnesset, Atnasjøen.
Aug 2002
Summer school on Geometric Integration, Arendal, Norway, Aug 19-24, 2002.
Academic year 2002-2003
Special year on Geometric integration, Oslo, Center for Advanced studies.
Aug 2002
FoCM'02-conference, Minneapolis. Hans, Antonella, Håvard, Elena and Brynjulf participated from the project.
Aug 2002
We wish Håvard Berland welcome as a new PhD student in the project.
Jun 2002
Conference on Scientific Computation, Celebrating Gerhard Wanner's 60th birthday. Geneva, Switzerland, June 26 - 29, 2002. Syvert, Elena and Brynjulf attended.
May 2002
New Publication. E. Celledoni, A. Marthinsen and B. Owren: Commutator-free Lie group methods Preprint no 1, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, May 2002
Feb 2002
MAGIC 2002, at Ustaoset February 4-8, 2002.
Jan 2002
SIAM meeting San Diego, Jan 6-9. Hans was participating.
Dec 2001
New Zealand Mathematics Colloquium 2001. Attended by Elena and Brynjulf.
LAQ 2001 - Lie Groups, Algebraic Groups, Quantum Groups and their Representations, 7-10 December, 2001 The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Attended by Brynjulf and Elena.
Nov 2001
New Publication.
53. E. Celledoni and B. Owren: On the implementation of Lie group methods on the Stiefel manifold Preprint no 9, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, Nov 2001
Oct 2001
Melvin Leok from Caltech is visiting both Trondheim and Bergen,
Jul 2001
Conference SciCADE01, Vancouver, Jul 29 - Aug 3. Arne Marthinsen, Antonella, Andrzej, Syvert, Anne, Brynjulf and Elena.
Conference Geometry Symmetry and Mechanics I , Lisbon July 11-16. Elena and Brynjulf.
Conference in Bari Structural Dynamical Systems in Linear Algebra and Control Jul 1-4. Hans and Antonella.
New Publication.
52.S. Krogstad: A low complexity Lie group method on the Stiefel manifold, Preprint Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, July 2001
Jun 2001
Jialin Hong stays in Bergen week 24, and in Trondheim week 25. Seminars in both places. Here are a few pictures from the Trondheim visit.
Apr 2001
Paul Zegeling , Univ Utrecht, visiting Trondheim to give a seminar on Moving Mesh Metods for PDEs.
Mar 2001
Meeting in Beijing on Structure Preserving Algorithms. Pictures . Hans, Antonella, Elena and Brynjulf.
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