Eugenia Malinnikova

Førsteamanuensis ved Institutt for matematiske fag, NTNU

Office Location: 948, Sentral Bygning II, Gløshaugen
Send Email: eugenia(at)
Phone Number: +47 735 50257
Mailing Address: Eugenia Malinnikova
Department of Mathematics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
7491, Trondheim, Norway

I am on sabbatical leave at Purdue University, West lafayette, Indiana, for 2015/16 academic year

Teaching Spring 2015: TMA4115 Matematikk 3
Fall 2014: TMA4145 Linear methods
Previous years: TMA4110/15 Matematikk 3, TMA4120 Matematikk 4K, TMA4125 Analysens grunnlag,
MA2401 Geometri, MA3105 Videregående reell analyse
Student projects Some projects in analysis and related topics are described here .
Recent Ph.D. students: Kjersti Solberg Eikrem, Maru Alamirew Guadie.
Students supervised in the past (master and bachelor projects).
Research My research interests include: Potential Theory, Time Frequency Analysis, Elliptic Partial Differential Equations, Theory of Harmonic Differential Forms.
I am a member of the Analysis Group and a participant of the project Discrete Models in Mathematical Analysis.
Publications/CV The list of my publications can be found on MathSciNet and arxiv; an updated list with preprints is here
Coauthors A.Aleman, A.Borichev, K.S.Eikrem, M.Guadie, K.Gröchenig, Ph.Jaming, V.Khavin, A.Logunov, Yu.Lyubarskii, P.A.Mozolyako, K.-M. Perfekt, S.Rukshin, P.Thomas, S.Vessella
News (2015) Conference and seminar talks
Uncertainty principle, concentration of of smooth functions and sampling, Analysis seminar, d'Orsay Universite Paris-Sud, December 2015
Uncertainty principle for discrete Schhrödinger evolutions, Journees du GdR, CIRM, Marseille, December 2015
Local regularity, multifractal analysis and boundary behavior of harmonic functions, Midwestern workshop on asymptotic analysis, Bloomington, IN, October 2015
On ratios of harmonic functions, Analysis seminar, Purdue University, IN, September 2015
Uniqueness results for discrete Schrödinger evolutions, Complex analysis and dynamical systems VII, Nahariya, May 2015
Logarithmic convexity and uniqueness for discrete Schrödinger operators, Analysis seminar, Hebrew University of Jerusaem, Israel, May 2015
An uncertainty principle and Besov norms, NTNU Analysis Seminar, February 2015
Links Math competitions: Abelkonkurransen, St.Petersburg Mathamatical Olympiad
St.Petersburg State University, Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty , Chebyshev research center; PDMI; 239