Preprint 1996-001

Dimensional Splitting with Front Tracking and Adaptive Grid Refinement

Knut-Andreas Lie, Vidar Haugse, and Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen

Abstract: Front tracking in combination with dimensional splitting is analysed as a numerical method for scalar conservation laws in two space dimensions. An analytic error bound is derived, and convergence rates based on numerical experiments are presented. Numerical experiments indicate that \emph{surprisingly} high CFL numbers (typically in the range 5--15) can be used without loss of accuracy. A new method for grid refinement is introduced. The method easily allows for dynamical changes in the grid, using, for instance, the total variation in each grid cell as a criterion for introducing new or removing existing refinements. Several numerical examples are included, highlighting the features of the numerical method. A comparison with a high-resolution method confirms that dimensional splitting with front tracking is a highly viable numerical method for practical computations.

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Dimensional Splitting with Front Tracking and Adaptive Grid Refinement
Knut-Andreas Lie, <>
Vidar Haugse <>,
Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen, <>
Publishing information:
Preprint. Mathematics No. 2/1996,ISSN: 0804-029X.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.
The paper has been revised February 19 1997.
Submitted by:
<> June 10 1996.

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