Preprint 1996-010

How Parabolic Free Boundaries Approximate Hyperbolic Fronts

Brian H. Gilding, Roberto Natalini, and Alberto Tesei

Abstract: A rather complete study of the existence and qualitative behaviour of the boundaries of the support of solutions of the Cauchy problem for nonlinear first-order and second-order scalar conservation laws is presented. Among other properties, it is shown that, under appropriate assumptions, parabolic interfaces converge to hyperbolic ones in the vanishing viscosity limit.

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How Parabolic Free Boundaries Approximate Hyperbolic Fronts
Brian H. Gilding
Roberto Natalini, <>
Alberto Tesei, <>
Publishing information:
Quaderno IAC n. 2, Marzo 1996
Submitted by:
<> July 2 1996.

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