Preprint 1996-023

A finite element method for fully nonlinear water waves

Xing Cai, Hans Petter Langtangen, Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen, and Aslak Tveito

Abstract: We introduce a numerical method for a mathematical model of fully nonlinear water waves. The method is based on a transformation of the dynamic water volume onto a fixed domain, thus regridding at each time step is avoided. The transformation introduces an elliptic boundary value problem which is solved by a preconditioned conjugate gradient method. Numerical experiments are presented and they show nice convergence properties of the iterative solver as well as convergence of the entire solution towards a reference solution computed by another scheme.

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A finite element method for fully nonlinear water waves
Xing Cai , <>
Hans Petter Langtangen , <>
Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen, <>
Aslak Tveito , <>
Publishing information:
Preprint at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
Some snapshots taken from the computer simulation can be viewed at this WWW site.
Submitted by:
<> August 12 1996.

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