Preprint 1996-029

Stiff Well-Posedness for Hyperbolic Systems with Large Relaxation Terms

J. Lorenz and H. J. Schroll

Abstract: The Cauchy problem for linear constant--coefficient hyperbolic systems $u_t+Au_x=(1/\delta)Bu$ is analyzed. Here $(1/\delta)Bu$ is a large relaxation term, and we are mostly interested in the critical case where $B$ has a non--trivial nullspace. A concept of stiff well--posedness is introduced that ensures solution estimates independent of $0<\delta \leq 1$. Under suitable assumptions, we prove convergence of the $L_2$--solution to a limit as $\delta$ tends to zero. The limit solves a reduced strongly hyperbolic system without zero--order term, the so--called equilibrium system, and we present a method to determine this limit system. For 2$\times$2 systems the requirement of stiff well--posedness is shown to be equivalent to the well--known subcharacteristic condition, but in general the subcharacteristic condition is not suffient for stiff well--posedness. The theory is illustrated by examples.

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Stiff Well-Posedness for Hyperbolic Systems with Large Relaxation Terms
J. Lorenz, <>
H. J. Schroll, <>
Publishing information:
IGPM-Report 125, 1996
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<> August 26 1996.

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