Preprint 1999-020

An Analysis of Accuracy and Convergence of Finite Volume Methods

Ali Rezgui

Abstract: This paper presents a general framework for the analysis of finite volume schemes, applied to the discretization of general systems of conservation laws on bidimensional triangular meshes. A clear definition of accuracy in the finite volume sense is given for a large class of schemes. This notion is also compared to the classical truncation-error (or finite difference accuracy) concept. Some error estimate results are established, in the multidimensional linear case, in order to demonstrate the validity and the pertinence of the new concept. Some examples of schemes, for which the convergence analysis of finite difference theory does not apply, are also given and analysed, in the linear one-dimensional case, using the present framework

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Ali Rezgui, <>
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Accepted for publication in CFD Journal
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<> July 6 1999.

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