Preprint 1999-021

A New General Riemann Solver for the Shallow Water Equations, with Friction and Topography

Ashwin N. Chinnayya and Alain-Yves Le Roux

Abstract: We consider numerical approximations of a strickly-hyperbolic system with source terms occuring in hydraulics. The interaction of the bottom slope and the friction slope in the Shallow Water equations is a very dominant term which characterises the well-balanced states. We thought it would be interesting to deal with these so-called balance laws with a new numerical processing. At the end, we have been able to run numerical tests. THey simulate smooth transitions as well hydraulics jumps and dry zones.

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Ashwin N. Chinnayya, <>
Alain-Yves Le Roux, <>
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<> July 16 1999.

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