Preprint 1999-031

Gas Evolution Dynamics and Numerical Dissipation in Shock Capturing Schemes

Kun Xu and Zuowu Li

Abstract: This paper concerns the gas evolution dynamics in exact and approximate Riemann solvers, e.g. the Flux Vector Splitting (FVS) and the Godunov method. The dissipative mechanism in different gas evolution models will be analyzed. Many test cases are used to support the physical argument. The numerical examples include shock structure, laminar boundary layer, and 2D shock tube calculations. From the boundary layer case, the first order dissipative mechanism in the so-called second-order MUSCL-type FVS scheme is quantitatively evaluated. Also, the physical reason for shock instability in the Godunov method, i.e. carbuncle phenomena and odd-even decoupling, is presented.

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Kun Xu, <>
Zuowu Li
Publishing information:
submitted to Journal of Computational Physics, May 1999.
This manuscript is a revised version of the paper 1998-025, submitted last year.
Submitted by:
<> October 5 1999.

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