Preprint 2000-008

Central Difference Solutions of the Kinematic Model of Settling of Polydisperse Suspensions and Three-Dimensional Particle-Scale Simulations

R. Bürger, K.-K. Fjelde, K. Höfler, and K. Hvistendahl Karlsen

Abstract: The extension of Kynch's kinematic theory of sedimentation of monodisperse suspensions to polydisperse mixtures leads to a nonlinear system of conservation laws for the volume fractions of each species. In this paper, we show that a second order central (Riemann solver free) scheme for the solution of systems of conservation laws can be employed as an efficient tool for the simulation of the settling and the separation of polydisperse suspensions. This is demonstrated by comparison with a published experiment of settling of a bidisperse suspension. In addition, we compare the prediction of the one-dimensional kinematic sedimentation model with a three-dimensional particle-scale simulation.

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R. Bürger, <>
K.-K. Fjelde, <>
K. Höfler, <>
K. Hvistendahl Karlsen, <>
Publishing information:
Preprint 2000/04, Sonderforschungsbereich 404, University of Stuttgart
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<>> February 16 2000.

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