Preprint 2000-013

Numerical Experiments with Point Value Multiresolution for 2D Compressible Flows

G. Chiavassa and R. Donat

Abstract: Following the idea of A. Harten we present in this paper a method to reduce the execution time of simulations using High order shock capturing schemes. It is based on a point value multiresolution transform that is used to detect regions with singularities. In smooth regions the expensive numerical flux computations are replaced by a cheap polynomial interpolation of the numerical divergence. This method is applied to solve the two-dimensional compressible Euler equations for two classical configurations. The results are analyzed in terms of quality and efficiency.

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G. Chiavassa, <>
R. Donat, <>
Publishing information:
Submitted to SIAM J. Scientific Computing (Nov 99)
Submitted by:
<> April 21 2000.

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