Preprint 2001-031

An improved quadrature rule for the flux-computation in staggered central difference schemes in multidimensions

Knut-Andreas Lie and Sebastian Noelle

Abstract: We present a new second-order, nonoscillatory, central difference scheme on two-dimensional, staggered, Cartesian grids for systems of conservation laws. The scheme uses a new, carefully designed integration rule for the flux computations and thereby takes more propagation directions into account. This effectively reduces grid orientation effects produced for two-dimensional radially symmetric gas flows and improves the accuracy for smooth solutions.

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Knut-Andreas Lie, <>
Sebastian Noelle, <>
Publishing information:
To appear in J. Sci. Comp.
This is a revised version of Preprint 2000-021.
Submitted by:
<> August 17 2001.

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