Preprint 2001-041

A Mathematical Model for Batch and Continuous Thickening of Flocculent Suspensions in Vessels with Varying Cross Section

R. Bürger, J. J. R. Damasceno, and K. H. Karlsen

Abstract: The phenomenological theory of continuous thickening of flocculated suspensions in an ideal cylindrical thickener is extended to vessels having varying cross-section, including divergent or convergent conical vessels. The purpose of this contribution to draw attention to the corresponding mathematical model, whose key ingredient is a strongly degenerate parabolic partial differential equation. For ideal (non-flocculated) suspensions, which do not form compressible sediments, the mathematical model reduces to the kinematic approach by Anestis, who developed a method of construction of exact solution by the method of characteristics. The difficulty lies in the fact that characteristics and iso-concentration lines, unlike the conventional Kynch model for cylindrical vessels, do not coincide, and one has to resort to numerical methods to simulate the thickening process. A numerical algorithm is presented and employed for simulations of continuous thickening. Implications of the mathematical model are also demonstrated by steady-state calculations, which lead to new possibilities in thickener design.

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Raymund Bürger
J.J.R. Damasceno, <>
Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen <>
Publishing information:
Submitted to a special issue of Int. J. Mineral Process on the occation of the United Engineering Foundation conference "Solid-Liquid Separation Systems III", Davos, September 30 to October 5, 2001
Submitted by:
<> October 10 2001.

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