Preprint 2002-057

On the Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flows with Changes of Phase and Strong Gradients using the Homogeneous Equilibrium Model

Florian De Vuyst, Jean-Michel Ghidaglia and Gerard Le Coq

Abstract: We introduce a global method based on a variant of the Flux Characteristic method described by Ghidaglia et al and designed to simulate two-phase flows. As an example, we use a three equations model with hypotheses of local thermodynamic equilibrium. Here our purpose is to qualify the Finite Volume method of regions where one can find strong gradient of density and free boundary phase transitions. We here consider a complex flow inside an injector-condenser device. The analysis will lead to a variant of the Flux Characteristic method with regularized matrix-valued sign functions. Other applications like water boiling into a hot channel and a fall of pressure in a crack due to friction will be also considered.

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Florian De Vuyst, <>
Jean-Michel Ghidaglia
Gerard Le Coq
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<> December 18 2002.

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