Preprint 2002-059

A Practical Spectral Method for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Y. H. Sun, Y. C. Zhou, and G. W. Wei

Abstract: A class of high-order lowpass filters, the discrete singular convolution (DSC) filters, is utilized to facilitate the Fourier pseudospectral method for the solution of hyperbolic conservation law systems. The DSC filters are implemented directly in the Fourier domain (i.e., windowed Fourier pseudospectral method), while a physical domain algorithm is also given to enable the treatment of some special boundary conditions. By adjusting the effective wavenumber region of the DSC filter, the Gibbs oscillations can be removed effectively while the high resolution feature of the spectral method can be retained. The utility and effectiveness of the present approach is validated by extensive numerical experiments.

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Y. H. Sun
Y. C. Zhou
G. W. Wei, <>
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<> December 26 2002.

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