Preprint 2003-026

Numerical simulation of compressible two-phase flow model based on the Riemann problem

D. Zeidan, E. Toro and A. Slaouti

Abstract: This paper describes a new approach to the numerical simulation of a one-dimensional isentropic mixture of liquid and vapour without phase change. It amounts to two conservation laws for the mixture coupled by a relative velocity conservation equation. Under certain restrictions the resulting system of conservation law is hyperbolic and allows discontinuous solution. We present high-resolution TVD schemes with an approximate Riemann solver for the resolution of conservation equations. To illustrate the capabilities of the proposed methods, results are presented for carefully chosen test problems. The results show that our numerical schemes are more accurate than other schemes currently used.

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D. Zeidan <>
E. Toro
A. Slaouti
Publishing information:
ACOMEN 2002, Liege (Belgium), May 28-31, 2002
Submitted by:
<> April 17 2003.

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