Preprint 2004-006

Application of the Method of Kinetic Equation to the Darcy-Stefan Problem

S. Sazhenkov

Abstract: The Cauchy problem for the Darcy--Stefan model that describes freezing and thawing of a continuous medium filtering through a porous ground is considered. To study the problem, a version of the method of kinetic equation, which was proposed by P.~I.~Plotnikov, is applied, the kinetic formulation of the problem is constructed and, by its virtue, the existence theorem for weak entropy solutions is proved.

Available as PDF (184 Mbytes).
Sergei Sazhenkov, <> or <>
Publishing information:
Russian version to appear in the scientific journal "Izvestia Altaiskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta (News of Altai State University", Barnaul, Russia.)
Submitted by:
<> February 16 2004.

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