Preprint 2004-014

A Mathematical Model for Hurricanes

Alain-Yves LeRoux and Marie-NoŽlle LeRoux

Abstract: The source waves are some particular solutions to genuinely non linear hyperbolic systems with a source term, whose propagation velocity is a constant determined by the roots of this source term. We propose a system of 2 equations on a 2 dimension space, which modelizes the velocity field of the atmosphere near the ground. The source term is made of three parts: a given pressure gradient, a friction or suction effect and the Coriolis force. In the case where these parameters are constant, we build a solution which is a constant outside a circular crown. The internal circle represents the eye wall of the hurricane and corresponds to a share shock wave. The external circle is a set generating the bifurcation which actually modelizes the hurricane.

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Alain-Yves LeRoux, <>
Marie-NoŽlle LeRoux, <>
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<> April 21 2004.

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