Preprint 2004-041

Stability of Undercompressive Shock Profiles

Peter Howard and Kevin Zumbrun

Abstract: Using a simplified pointwise iteration scheme, we establish nonlinear phase-asymptotic orbital stability of large-amplitude Lax, undercompressive, overcompressive, and mixed under--overcompressive type shock profiles of strictly parabolic systems of conservation laws with respect to initial perturbations $|u_0(x)|\le E_0 (1+|x|)^{-3/2}$ in $C^{0+\alpha}$, $E_0$ sufficiently small, under the necessary conditions of spectral and hyperbolic stability together with transversality of the connecting profile. This completes the program initiated by Zumbrun and Howard in \cite{ZH}, extending to the general undercompressive case results obtained for Lax and overcompressive shock profiles in \cite{SzX}, \cite{L}, \cite{ZH}, \cite{Z.2}, \cite{Ra}, \cite{MZ.1}--\cite{MZ.5}, and for special undercompressive profiles in \cite{LZ.1}--\cite{LZ.2}, \cite{HZ}.

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Peter Howard
Kevin Zumbrun <>
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<> August 11 2004.

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