Preprint 2005-038

Modeling 1-D Elastic P-waves in a Fractured Rock with Hyperbolic Jump Conditions

Bruno Lombard and Joel Piraux

Abstract: The one-dimensional propagation of compressional elastic waves in a fractured rock is investigated in the time-domain. The interaction between elastic waves and fractures are modeled by hyperbolic jump conditions deduced from a nonlinear contact law used in geomechanics. Existence and uniqueness of the solution to elastodynamics with the hyperbolic jump condition is proven. Numerical modeling is performed by coupling a finite-difference scheme with an interface method to account for the jump conditions. The numerical experiments proposed show the effects of contact nonlinearities, such as the generation of harmonics.

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Bruno Lombard, <>
Joel Piraux, <>
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<> October 4 2005.

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