Preprint 2005-043

A Lagrangian Central Scheme for Interface Problems

Riccardo Fazio and Giovanni Russo

Abstract: We study high-resolution Lagrangian central schemes for the one-dimensional system of conservation laws describing the evolution of two gases in slab geometry separated by an interface. By using Lagrangian coordinates, the interface is transformed to a fixed coordinate in the computational domain and, as a consequence, the movement of the interface is obtained as a byproduct of the numerical solution. The main contribution is the derivation of a special equation of state to be imposed at the interface in order to avoid non-physical oscillations. Suitable boundary conditions at the piston that guarantee second order convergence are described.

We compare the solution of the piston problem to other results available in the literature and to a reference solution obtained in the adiabatic approximation. A shock-interface interaction problem is also treated. The results on these tests are in good agreement with those obtained by other methods.

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Riccardo Fazio, <>
Giovanni Russo, <>
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<> October 25 2005.

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