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Preprint 2007-007

High Order Well-balanced Finite Volume WENO Schemes for Shallow Water Equation with Moving Water

Sebastian Noelle, Yulong Xing, and Chi-Wang Shu

Abstract: A characteristic feature of hyperbolic systems of balance laws is the existence of non-trivial equilibrium solutions, where the effects of convective fluxes and source terms cancel each other. Recently a number of so-called well-balanced schemes were developed which satisfy a discrete analogue of this balance and are therefore able to maintain an equilibrium state. In most cases, applications treated equilibria at rest, where the flow velocity vanishes. Here we present a new very high order accurate, exactly well-balanced finite volume scheme for moving flow equilibria. Numerical experiments show excellent resolution of unperturbed as well as slightly perturbed equilibria.

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Noelle, Sebastian,
Xing, Yulong
Shu, Chi-Wang
Publishing information:
To appear in Journal of Computational Physics.
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Submitted by:
; 2007-02-08.