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Preprint 2007-011

An Engquist–Osher-type scheme for conservation laws with discontinuous flux adapted to flux connections

Raimund Bürger, Kenneth H. Karlsen and John D. Towers

Abstract: We consider scalar conservation laws with the spatially varying flux H(x)f(u)+(1−H(x))g(u), where H(x) is the Heaviside function and f and g are smooth nonlinear functions. Adimurthi, Mishra, and Veerappa Gowda [J. Hyperbolic Differ. Equ. 2:783–837, 2005] pointed out that such a conservation law admits many L1 contraction semigroups, one for each so-called connection (A,B). Here we define entropy solutions of type (A,B) involving Kružkov-type entropy inequalities that can be adapted to any fixed connection (A,B). It is proved that these entropy inequalities imply the L1 contraction property for L solutions, in contrast to the “piecewise smooth” setting of Adimurthi et al. For a fixed connection, these entropy inequalities include a single adapted entropy of the type used by Audusse and Perthame [Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh A 135:253–265, 2005]. We prove convergence of a new difference scheme that approximates entropy solutions of type (A,B) for any connection (A,B) if a few parameters are varied. The scheme relies on a modification of the standard Engquist–Osher flux, is simple as no 2×2 Riemann solver is involved, and is designed such that the steady-state solution connecting A to B is preserved. In contrast to most analyses of similar problems, our convergence proof is not based on the singular mapping or compensated compactness methods, but on standard BV estimates away from the flux discontinuity. Some numerical examples are presented.

Available as PDF (360 Kbytes).
Raimund Bürger,
Kenneth H. Karlsen,
John D. Towers,
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; 2007-05-29.