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Preprint 2009-001

Discrete duality finite volume schemes for doubly nonlinear degenerate hyperbolic-parabolic equations

Boris Andreianov, Mostafa Bendahmane and Kenneth H. Karlsen

Abstract: We consider a class of doubly nonlinear degenerate hyperbolic-parabolic equations with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions, for which we first establish the existence and uniqueness of entropy solutions. We then turn to the construction and analysis of discrete duality finite volume schemes (in the spirit of Domelevo and Omnès [doi:10.1051/m2an:2005047] for these problems in two and three spatial dimensions. We derive a series of discrete duality formulas and entropy dissipation inequalities for the schemes. We establish the existence of solutions to the discrete problems, and prove that sequences of approximate solutions generated by the discrete duality finite volume schemes converge strongly to the entropy solution of the continuous problem. The proof revolves around some basic a priori estimates, the discrete duality features, Minty–Browder type arguments, and “hyperbolic” L weak-* compactness arguments (i.e., propagation of compactness along the lines of Tartar, DiPerna, …). Our results cover the case of non-Lipschitz nonlinearities.

Available as PDF in two versions: Best for print (756 Kbytes) or screen (770 Kbytes).
Boris Andreianov
Mostafa Bendahmane
Kenneth H. Karlsen,
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; 2009-01-07.