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Preprint 2009-006

Leray weak solutions of the Incompressible Navier Stokes system on exterior domains via the artificial compressibility method

D. Donatelli and P. Marcati

Abstract: In this paper we study the Leray weak solutions of the incompressible Navier Stokes equation in an exterior domain. We describe, in particular, an hyperbolic version of the so called artificial compressibility method investigated by J.L. Lions and Temam. The convergence of these type of approximation show in general a lack of strong convergence due to the presence of acoustic waves. In this paper we face this difficulty by taking care of the dispersive nature of these waves by means of the Strichartz estimates or waves equations satisfied by the pressure. We actually decompose the pressure in different acoustic components, each one of them satisfies a specific initial boundary value problem. The strong convergence analysis of the velocity field will be achieved by using the associated Leray–Hodge decomposition.

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D. Donatelli
P. Marcati
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; 2009-02-03.