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Preprint 2009-024

Remarks on the acoustic limit for the Boltzmann equation

Ning Jiang, C. David Levermore and Nader Masmoudi

Abstract: We use some new nonlinear estimates found in [LM] to improve the results of [GL] that establish the acoustic limit for DiPerna-Lions solutions of Boltzmann equation in three ways. First, we enlarge the class of collision kernels treated to that found in [LM], thereby treating all classical collision kernels to which the DiPerna–Lions theory applies. Second, we improve the scaling of the kinetic density fluctuations with Knudsen number from Om) for some m> to O). Third, we extend the results from periodic domains to bounded domains with impermeable boundaries, deriving the boundary condition for the acoustic system.

[LM] C.D. Levermore and N. Masmoudi, From the Boltzmann Equation to an Incompressible Navier–Stokes–Fourier System, Submitted to Arch. Ration. Mech. & Anal., 2008.
[GL] F. Golse and C.D. Levermore, The Stokes–Fourier and Acoustic Limits for the Boltzmann Equation, Commun. on Pure & Appl. Math. 55 (2002), 336–393.

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Ning Jiang,
C. David Levermore,
Nader Masmoudi,
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Updated 2009-12-15.
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; 2009-05-12.