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Preprint 2009-050

The computation of nonclassical shock waves with a heterogeneous multiscale method

Frederike Kissling and Christian Rohde

Abstract: We consider weak solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws as singular limits of solutions for associated complex regularized problems. We are interested in situations such that undercompressive (Non-Laxian) shock waves occur in the limit. In this setting one can view the conservation law as a macroscale formulation while the regularization can be understood as the microscale model.

With this point of view it appears natural to solve the macroscale model by a heterogeneous multiscale approach in the sense of E&Engquist. We introduce a new mass-conserving numerical method based on this concept and test it on scalar model problems. This includes applications from phase transition theory as well as from two-phase flow in porous media.

Available as PDF (657 Kbytes).
Frederike Kissling,
Christian Rohde,
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; 2009-09-23.