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Preprint 2011-022

High-order finite volume schemes for layered atmospheric models

Dante Kalise, Ivar Lie and Eleuterio F. Toro

Abstract: We present a numerical scheme for the solution of a class of atmospheric models where high horizontal resolution is required while a coarser vertical structure is allowed. The proposed scheme considers a layering procedure for the original set of equations, and the use of high-order ADER finite volume schemes for the solution of the system of balance laws arising from the dimensional reduction procedure. We present several types of layering based upon Galerkin discretizations of the vertical structure, and we study the effect of incrementing the order of horizontal approximation. Numerical experiments for the computational validation of the convergence of the scheme together with the study of physical phenomena are performed over 2D linear advective models, including a set of equations for an isothermal atmosphere.

Available as PDF (2.3 Mbytes).
Dante Kalise
Ivar Lie
Eleuterio F. Toro
Submitted by:
; 2011-10-19.