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MA1301 Number theory, autumn 2005

Short information in english:

Lectures and exercise sessions:

The lectures are held in EL3, tuesdays 10.15-11.00 and fridays 8.15-10.00. Exercise sessions tuesdays 11.15-12.00 (EL3), 12.15-13.00 (R52) or 13.15-14.00 (R40).

Contact hours:

The lecturer will be available in office 1152, SB II, wednesday 13-14 and thursday 13-14. The exercise teacher will be available fridays from 11-12 in R50.


The final exam will be on wednesday 30/11. The midterm will be on friday 7/10, 8:00-10:00 in EL3 (for students whose last name begins with A-0 ) or in EL6 (for students whose last name begins with P-Z)
No aids are permitted. Students who are entitled to extra time, must report this to me by e-mail.
The text for the midterm pdf.


David M. Burton Elementary Number Theory Fifth edition.

Chap. 1: All
Chap. 2: All
Chap. 3: All
Chap. 4: All
Chap. 5: Sections 5.1,5.3,5.4
Chap. 7: Sections 7.1,7.2,7.3 and also Theorem 7.6 p.139-140
Chap. 8: Sections 8.1,8.2
Chap. 11: All
In addition, there is a short note about RSA-cryptography (in norwegian),(written by Per Roar Andenæs): ps, pdf
Note: there was a misprint here earlier. 5.4. is part of our curriculum, whereas 5.2 is not.
If there are any difficulties with the language, do not hesitate to contact me.

For further information, see the homepage (in norwegian)


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