TMA4220 Numerical solution of differential equations using the finite element method

Fall 2010


  • Questions related to the exam will be held at the lunchroom (13th floor SB2) Tuesday 14th December 13:30-14:30

  • Contents

    Course information
    Lecturer Trond Kvamsdal
    Office: Room 629, SB II
    Telephone: (735)-92972
    Teaching assistant Kjetil A. Johannessen
    Office: Room 652, SB II
    Telephone: (735)-90486
    LecturesFour hours lectures each week
    Monday 1215-1400 Room F3, Gamle Fysikk, Gløshaugen.
    Tuesday 1215-1400 Room F3, Gamle Fysikk, Gløshaugen.
    Exercise hoursTwo hours help for the programming project each week
    Wedensday 1415-1600 Nullrommet (380A), Gløshaugen.
    Excercises Weekly home assignments.
    Exam Written exam: Saturday 18th of December 2010. Start: 09:00. Duration: 4 hour.
    Earlier exams
    Curriculum Lecture notes and lectures and excersises

    Mandatory programming project
    Problem_set.pdf - Problem description (fixed typo 19th oct). - Mesh generators required (updated 25th oct).
    Presentation.odp - Original problem presentation (requires OpenOffice to read).
    Deadlines Report submission deadline: Friday 26th november, at 23:59
    Presentation: Monday, 29th november, 14:15-16:00, 13th floor, SB II

    Relevant textbooks
    • D. Braess: Finite elements, (Third Edition), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2007.
    • K. Eriksson, D. Estep, P. Hansbo and C. Johnson: Computational Differential Equations, Cambridge University Press, 1996.
    • A. Quarteroni and A. Valli: Numerical Approximation of Partial Differential Equations, Springer-Verlag, 1994.
    • G. Strang and G.J. Fix: An Analysis of the Finite Element Method, Prentice Hall, Englewook Cliffs, 1973.