Excellent young researchers are invited to apply for two postdoctoral research positions within the project Homological and geometric methods in algebra financed by the Norwegian Research Council. The postdocs shall conduct research on selected aspects of algebra covered by the algebra group at NTNU, especially connected with Hochschild cohomology, triangulated and derived categories, the geometry of quiver representations and cluster algebras/categories. Applicants should submit a research plan demonstrating how they can contribute to the research project.

The appointments are available for a period of 2 years.

Qualified applicants should have a PhD in Mathematics. Relevant experience is preferable.

For more information regarding the positions, please contact Professor Idun Reiten, phone +47 73 59 17 42, e-mail: idunr at

The positions is remunerated according to wage levels 51-73 on the Norwegian State salary scale, with gross salary from NOK 358.500 to NOK 538.200 a year, of which 2% is deducted for the State Pension scheme.

The national labour force must reflect the composition of the population to the greatest possible extent. It is therefore a major political objective to achieve a balance of age and gender and to recruit persons with an immigrant background. Immigrants are encouraged to apply for this post.

NTNU wants to increase the proportion of women in its scientific posts. Women are encouraged to apply.

The application must contain information about education, examinations and previous experience. Certified copies of testimonies and documents must be attached.

Three copies of publications and any other work which the applicant wishes to be taken into account should also be enclosed. Joint work will be considered. If it is difficult to specify the input of the applicant in a joint work, a short summary should be attached outlining the applicant's input. Please list the submitted publications in the application.

Send your application to:

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME)
Sem Sælands vei 9
7491 Trondheim

The application deadline is February 1st 2005. The file number for the position, IME-001/2005, is to be clearly stated on the application.