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Preprint Series: Statistics, 2004.

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No. 2/2004:
Turid Follestad, Mette Langaas, Håvard Rue, Marit Holden, Anders Løland
glme: a C-program for parameter estimation using Gibbs-sampling in large linear mixed-effects models, with applications to DNA microarray data (ps.gzpdf)
No. 3/2004:
Hanne T. Wist, Dag Myrhaug, Håvard Rue
Statistical properties of successive wave heights and successive wave periods (ps.gzpdf)
No. 4/2004:
Håkon Tjelmeland
Using all Metropolis–Hastings proposals to estimate mean values (ps.gzpdf)
No. 5/2004:
Håkon Tjelmeland & Jo Eidsvik
Directional Metropolis–Hastings updates for posteriors with nonlinear likelihoods (pdf)

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