Preprint 1996-022

A system of conservation laws with a relaxation term

Hans Joachim Schroll, Aslak Tveito, and Ragnar Winther

Abstract: We consider a $2\times2$ system of conservation laws including a stiff relaxation term. Well-posedness of the system, the rate of convergence to equilibrium, and the rate of convergence for a finite difference scheme is discussed. Also a numerical example is presented.

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A system of conservation laws with a relaxation term
Hans Joachim Schroll, <>
Aslak Tveito , <>
Ragnar Winther, <>
Publishing information:
In proceedings of the fifth int. conf. on hyperbolic problems, Stony Brook, 1994, eds: Glimm, Graham, Grove & Plohr, pp. 431-440.
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<> August 12 1996.

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