Preprint 1998-005

High-Resolution Finite Volume Methods for Acoustics in a Rapidly-Varying Heterogeneous Medium

Tiernan Fogarty and Randall J. LeVeque

Abstract: Behavior of acoustic waves in a rapidly-varying heterogeneous medium may be investigated analytically via various homogenization theories. Alternatively, one can solve the heterogeneous equations directly with a numerical method. Although a numerical solution can be difficult with standard methods, we have found the equations can be solved directly using the high-resolution multi-dimensional finite volume methods of CLAWPACK, which are based on solving "Riemann Problems".

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High-resolution finite volume methods for acoustics in a rapidly-varying heterogeneous medium
Tiernan Fogarty, <>
Randall J. LeVeque, <>
Publishing information:
To appear in Proc. 4'th Intl. Conf. on Wave Propagation, Golden, Colorado, June 1--5, 1998.
Submitted by:
<> January 26 1998.

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