Preprint 1998-012

Rate of Convergence for the Zero Relaxation Limit

Wen Shen, Aslak Tveito, and Ragnar Winther

Abstract: Some recent results on the rate of convergence towards equilibrium for some $2\times2$ systems of conservation laws which include stiff relaxation terms are presented. We focus our attention on certain specific model problems. We will discuss the possibility of deriving properties like bounds on the total variation, stability with respect the initial data and error estimates for finite difference schemes which are independent of the relaxation parameters, and explain how such bounds can be used to obtain estimates on the rate of convergence for the zero relaxation limit.

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Rate of convergence for the zero relaxation limit
Wen Shen, <>
Aslak Tveito, <>
Ragnar Winther, <>
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<> March 27 1998.

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