Preprint 1998-029

Structural Stability and Regularity of Entropy Solutions to Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws

Alberto Bressan and Philippe G. LeFloch

Abstract: The paper is concerned with the qualitative structure of entropy solutions to a strictly hyperbolic, genuinely nonlinear system of conservation laws. We first give an accurate description of the local and global wave-front structure of a BV solution, generated by a front tracking algorithm. We then consider a sequence of exact or approximate solutions $u_\nu$, converging to a solution $u$ in $\L^1$. The convergence of the wave-fronts of $u_\nu$ to the corresponding fronts of $u$ is studied, proving a structural stability result in a neighborhood of each point in the $t$-$x$ plane.

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Structural stability and regularity of entropy solutions to hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
Alberto Bressan, <>
Philippe G. LeFloch
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<> August 11 1998.

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