Preprint 2000-003

Long-Time Diffusive Behavior of Solutions to a Hyperbolic Relaxation System

H. Liu and R. Natalini

Abstract: We study the large time behavior of the solutions to the Cauchy problem for a simple semilinear system with relaxation source. Under the sub-characteristic condition we show that, as the time tends to infinity, nonnegative component u of solutions tends towards a diffusion wave of the convection-diffusion equation given by the standard Chapman-Enskog expansion, in the $L^p$ norm, at a rate faster than $t^{ -(p-1)/2p}$. This diffusion wave carries an invariant mass and has a self-similar structure.

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H. Liu, <>
R. Natalini, <>
Publishing information:
Quaderno IAC n. 17/1999
Submitted by:
<> January 13 2000.

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