Preprint 2001-038

Fractional Rate of Convergence for Viscous Approximation to Nonconvex Conservation Laws

T. Tang, Z.-H. Teng, and Z.-P. Xin

Abstract: The paper studies the viscous approximations to conservation laws with non-convex flux function. It is shown that when the entropy solutions are piecewise smooth the rate of $L^1$-convergence is a {\em fractional} number $\alpha$ satisfying $1/2 < \alpha \le 1$. Numerical computations indicate that the theoretical estimate for the convergence order is optimal. This is in contrast to the corresponding result for the convex conservation laws.

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T. Tang , <>
Z.-H. Teng, <>
Z.-P. Xin, <>
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<> October 5 2001.

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