Preprint 2001-049

Comparison of several difference schemes on 1D and 2D test problems for the Euler equations

Richard Liska and Burton Wendroff

Abstract: The results of computations with ten finite difference schemes on a suite of one-dimensional and two-dimensional test problems for the Euler equations are presented in various formats.

Keywords: Euler, Riemann problems, finite difference schemes, splitting

Available as PDF (12 Mbytes) or gzipped PostScript (5.5 Mbytes; uncompress using gunzip; uncompressed size is 107 Mbytes).
Richard Liska, <>
Burton Wendroff, <>
Publishing information:
Technical Report LA-UR-01-6225, LANL, Los Alamos, 2001.
The PDF version has active links to web pages containing e.g. animations of several test problems.
Submitted by:
<> November 22 2001.

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