Preprint 2002-013

Evaluation of the Lopatinski Determinant for Multi-dimensional Euler Equations

Helge Kristian Jenssen and Gregory Lyng

Abstract: The purpose of this appendix is to calculate the Lopatinski determinant, or ``stability function,'' for the Euler equations of compressible gas dynamics. We offer two approaches to this problem. In the first we use a change of variables to simplify the computation. In the second method we take advantage of the Galilean invariance of the Euler equations and exploit a relationship between the eigenvectors of a particular pair of matrices. As a preliminary step for this first technique, we discuss how the Lopatinski determinant behaves under a change of coordinates.

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Helge Kristian Jenssen, <>
Gregory Lyng, <>
Publishing information:
To appear as appendix to K. Zumbrun, "Stability of Viscous Shock Fronts" in The Handbook of Fluid Mechanics
Submitted by:
<> February 19 2002.

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