Preprint 2002-032

Viscous Shock Wave and Boundary Layer Solution to an Inflow Problem for Compressible Viscous Gas

Feimin Huang, Akiataka Matsumura, and Xiaoding Shi

Abstract: The inflow problem for a one-dimensional compressible viscous gas on the half line (0,+$\infty)$ is investigated. The asymptotic stability on both the viscous shock wave and a superposition of the viscous shock wave and the boundary layer solution is established under some smallness conditions. The proofs are given by an elementary energy method.

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Feimin Huang, <>
Akiataka Matsumura, <>
Xiaoding Shi, <>
Publishing information:
Submitted to Comm.Math.Phys.
Submitted by:
<> June 13 2002.

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