Preprint 2002-058

Pointwise Green's Function Bounds for Shock Profiles of Systems with Real Viscosity

Corrado Mascia and Kevin Zumbrun

Abstract: Following the pointwise semigroup approach of [ZH,MZ.1], we establish sharp pointwise Green's function bounds and consequent linearized stability for viscous shock profiles of general hyperbolic--parabolic systems of conservation laws of dissipative type, under the necessary assumptions ([Z.1,Z.3--4]) of spectral stability, i.e., stable point spectrum of the linearized operator about the wave; transversality of the connecting profile; and hyperbolic stability of the corresponding ideal shock of the associated inviscid system, with no additional assumptions on the structure or strength of the shock. These bounds are used in a companion paper [MZ.2] to establish nonlinear stability of small-amplitude Lax shocks of symmetrizable hyperbolic--parabolic systems.

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Corrado Mascia, <>
Kevin Zumbrun, <>
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<> December 23 2002.

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