Preprint 2003-015

Godunov-Type Approximation for a General Resonant Balance Law with Large Data

Debora Amadori, Laurent Gosse, and Graziano Guerra

Abstract: We consider the Cauchy problem for the $2\times 2$ nonstrictly hyperbolic system

at=0,   (a,u)(0,\cdot)=(ao,uo).
ut+f(a,u)x - g(a,u)ax =0,
For possibly large, discontinuous and resonant data, the generalized solution to the Riemann problem is introduced, interaction estimates are carried out using a new change of variables and the convergence of Godunov approximations is shown. Uniqueness is addressed relying on a suitable extension of Kru\v zkov's techniques.

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Debora Amadori, <>
Laurent Gosse, <>
Graziano Guerra, <>
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<> February 17 2003.

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