Preprint 2003-045

Third Order Finite Volume Evolution Galerkin (FVEG) Methods for Two-Dimensional Wave Equation System

Maria Lukacova-Medvidova, Gerald Warnecke, and Yousef Zahaykah

Abstract: The subject of the paper is the derivation and analysis of third order finite volume evolution Galerkin schemes for the two-dimensional wave equation system. To achieve this the first order approximate evolution operator is considered. A recovery stage is carried out at each level to generate a piecewise polynomial approximation $\tilde{\uu{U}}^{n}=R_h\uu{U}^n\in S_h^2$ from the piecewise constant $\uu{U}^{n}\in S_h^0$, to feed into the calculation of the fluxes. We estimate the truncation error and give numerical examples to demonstrate the higher order behaviour of the scheme for smooth solutions.

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Maria Lukacova-Medvidova, <>
Gerald Warnecke, <>
Yousef Zahaykah, <>
Publishing information:
Accepted in East-West J. Numer. Anal., 2003
Submitted by:
<> July 8 2003.

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