Preprint 2003-055

PDE Fluid Modeling of Multithread Systems and Optimal Control

Florian De Vuyst and Pascal Jaisson

Abstract: We here propose fluid models of a multithread/multitask system. This can be straighforwardly extended to a network of such components. The leading equations form a system of hyperbolic equations coupled by a nonlocal term of current total load. PDEs are also used for the computation of the service times. A numerical stable and efficient method of discretisation is then proposed. To illustrate the usefulness of such models, we numerically solve a problem of optimal control of quality of service (QoS) management and demonstrate the efficiency of the method.

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Florian De Vuyst, <>
Pascal Jaisson <>
Publishing information:
Preprint paper of communication for IFIP 21st conf on System Modeling and Optimisation, July 2003, 21-25, FRANCE
Submitted by:
<> August 29 2003.

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