Preprint 2003-058

Stability of Large-Amplitude Shock Profiles for General Relazation Systems

Corrado Mascia and Kevin Zumbrun

Abstract: Building on previous analyses carried out in [MZ.1, MZ.4], we establish nonlinear $L^1\cap H^2\to L^p$ orbital stability, $2\le p\le \infty$, with sharp rates of decay, of large-amplitude Lax-type shock profiles for a general class of relaxation systems that includes most models in common use, under the necessary conditions of strong spectral stability, i.e., stable point spectrum of the linearized operator about the wave, transversality of the profile, and hyperbolic stability of the associated ideal shock. In particular, our results apply to standard moment closure systems, answering a question left open in [MZ.1]. The argument combines the basic nonlinear stability argument introduced [MZ.1] with an improved ``Goodman-style'' weighted energy estimate similar to that used in [MZ.4] to treat large-amplitude profiles of systems with real viscosity.

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Corrado Mascia, <>
Kevin Zumbrun, <>
Publishing information:
in press in Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis
Submitted by:
<> September 10 2003.

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