Preprint 2003-070

Comparison of Various AUSM Type Schemes for the Two-Fluid Model

Steinar Evje and Tore Flåtten

Abstract: In this paper we make further investigations of the {\em Mixture Flux} (MF) method for two-phase flows originally developed in the framework of the AUSMD scheme \cite{evj03}. Here we use the method in conjunction with nonlinear state relations. We address stability and accuracy issues related to the discretization of the pressure terms, and suggest a modification that allows for a less strict stability criterion on the timestep. We further apply the framework to the two-phase AUSM$^+$ scheme of Paill\`{e}re et al (2003, Comput. Fluids~{\bf 32}, 891--916), denoting the resulting scheme as MF-AUSM$^+$. Comparisons between the previously developed MF-AUSMD \cite{evj03} as well as the original AUSM$^+$ are made through numerical experiments. In particular, we observe that the MF-AUSM$^+$ offers significant improvements in robustness over the original AUSM$^+$.

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Steinar Evje, <>
Tore Flåtten, <>
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<> December 9 2003.

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